Committee for Academic Year 2018/19


Easter Sunday 2018 – Potluck Lunch

Christ is risen! Indeed, He is risen!
A huge thank you to everyone who made our Easter Sunday Potluck Lunch such a joyous celebration of the Resurrection of Our Lord – It is a day of great happiness & hope – A very happy and blessed Easter to the world, from St Andrews!

Sixth Talk: St Benedict of Nursia with Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB

Thank you so much to all who joined us for yesterday’s talk on “St Benedict of Nursia” — and thanks to our speaker, Bishop Hugh Gilbert OSB of the RC Diocese of Aberdeen! He first introduced us to St Benedict’s life and troubled times, in an Italian peninsula devastated by civil war and religion division, his desire to put the Love of Christ first — in the eremitic life first and then in the monastic communities he founded. He also told us about what is perhaps his greatest achievement, the Rule, which still guides professed monks and lay people in living the Christian vocation to the full.




Fifth Talk: St Dominic & The Charism of His Order with Sr Imelda Ann & Sr Anna Christi OP

Thank you so much to all who joined us for yesterday’s talk on “St Dominic & The Charism of His Order”! And thanks to our (two!) speakers, Sr Imelda Ann OP & Sr Anna Christi OP, of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia in Elgin! Sr Imelda Ann guided us through the life and troubled times of St Dominic — his visit to Southern France and witnessing of the devastation produced by the Albigensian heresy — his desire to bring souls back to the light of Christ, life as it was meant to be. Then Sr Anna Christi showed us how this mission continues in his order today, which is still centred around the charism of preaching and teaching, to all people, of all ages and all backgrounds, everywhere.

Fourth Talk: St Teresa of Ávila with Odile Rimbert

A big thank you to all who walked through the blowing snow and came to yesterday’s talk on “St Teresa of Avila”! And thanks to our speaker, Odile Rimbert! She helped us reflect on the figure of St Teresa and in particular on our growth in the spiritual life, the consolation and the challenges. Prayer is the true door to our spiritual life and our soul, at whose centre is God — and contemplative prayer is not about reciting complicated formulas, but it is a conversation with our friend Jesus Christ.


Third Talk: St Augustine of Hippo with Fr Kevin Douglas

A big thank you to all who came to yesterday’s talk on “St Augustine of Hippo” (the main room in Canmore was once again pretty full!) and thanks to our speaker, Fr Kevin Douglas! He guided us through the life of Augustine and his times, troubled times of great change where only the the Love of God and his Grace remain firm. The great saint, far from being a pessimist (as he is often characterised) looks at human nature with realism and with hope in God to change and convert every sinner – as his biography, told in the Confessions, demonstrates.